Best Quotes: Love Quotes and Life Quotes

Love and Life, both are interlinked to each other. Love is not only meant for couples but also for parents, children, friends, family etc. One who can balance love can win the life game easily. Here I am going to list out the best quotes- love quotes and life quotes. These quotes can match your state of mind or feelings.

Best Quotes

All the list of love quotes and life quotes listed here are the best quotes. Check out your best quote among them.

Love Quotes:

“You are mine
I’m yours
Together we are one”

“I may miss you today
But I promise, to never miss you any day”

“I am worthless without you
I am meaningless without you
I am nothing without you
I am everything with you”

“Break my heart once
Don’t check for it every second”

“I am alive but not in this world
I am dead but still in your world”

“Love or hate is your choice
Love or love is my choice”

“Today no one cares for me just because of you
There comes a day when no one cares you just because of missing me”

Love Quotes 2019 for life, lover, husband, and life

“We rounded the world
We met our friends 
We planned many things
Finally, we became apart
Heart Broken love”

“Outside: No, I am not at all worried about my girl
Inside: Yes, I am!!”

Girl: I just need time
Boy: Take your own time
Girl: let’s be friends…
Boy: Sorry, I can’t be a friend to my love

The first love 
The first touch
The first kiss
Are the most lovable and memorable ones in life

“Lust before a commitment is not love
Love and lust after a commitment is life”

When more love exists, more fights exist
Patient ones try to solve
Impatient ones try to break

“Don’t lose yourself for losing someone
Might be another one is ready to come into your life”

“When you can live without your parents
You can also live without your love…
Nothing is much greater than family”

Life Quotes:

You may fail once
You may fail twice
You may fail ‘n’ number of times
But no one can learn better than you

“You will experience both good and bad
You will hold the good and leave bad
Similarly, hold happiness with your memories and leave sadness”

“Today you might be zero
One day your number will be 1″

“Love failure is not life failure
It’s just another failure in your life list”

“Being kind to others shows your patience
Being rude to others shows your angry
But being genuine to others shows your reality”

“Trying to hit the milestone is great zeal
But never try to skip any step”

“Your life may not be as you wish 
Love the life which you got” 

“To find the best out of you
Remove the worst in you”

Love Quotes to express your deep love from the heart

“You can never find happiness
where you lost”

“Enjoying the little moments in life gives great happiness
Those will be the most memorable days when you look back again”

“Thinking negative
Will never make you positive”

“Stepping back can never offer success
Stepping forward will never guarantee success
Having faith in yourself can take you to success”

“That moment when you have lost everything
Is the moment you will start learning everything”

Making mistakes is not your mistake
Doing the same mistake is your mistake”

“Food will not be delicious unless you mix up side dishes to it
Life will not be delicious unless you mix up happiness and sadness”

This wicked world will never guarantee you something. So keep on moving with the flow of your life. Hope you have found the best suitable love quote or life quote from the above.

Love at First Sight-Best College Story

Yes everyone will have s story in their life and we call it as first love.

Love is something that cant be expressed. But to make a successful life, one need to dare. Here is a short story related to First love at First Sight.

That was my first day to college where everything looks new. I am not good at talking to people at the beginning. But if I get habituated to any, I will be super cool at them. Then someone strange lady from non-teaching department helped me in finding my classroom. Somehow I managed with other people and the days going good. After a few days, a beautiful girl entered my class and I was staring at her on my first sight. She joined late under management quota and looks too calm.

Happiness quotes- Inspiring Happiness Quotes

My heart pushes me to call her for a coffee but I am totally scared to invite. The days passing faster and I was just staring at her all the times. Then we entered the mid-semester and exams were about to kick start. Seriously I did not go through the teachings and I am worried about exams now.

Meanwhile all other became friends with girls and I am the only guy who did not make contact with anyone. One day when I am screwed with the list of topics, my girl approached me to know something regarding the exams. Actually, I am less knowledgeable about exams but I just thought to manage. What I managed at her was entirely wrong and she came to know about that on the other day.

I am totally scared that she might scold me for making such blunder statements. But she didn’t. I was shocked. She came back to me and said the exam information related to exams. Then we shook hands and became friends. She used to talk to me regarding subjects and notes all the time. But I used to observe her expressions, smile, eyes etc. Fortunately, she is the class topper in the first semester and I am happy about that.

Love Quotes 2019 for life, lover, husband and wife

Days passing much faster than earlier and I am worried whether I should propose my feelings or not. When I and my friends were having fun, she is passing in front of my eyes. I thought to propose her at any cost and approached her to express my feelings. I waved her and she was about to say something. Then I asked, Can I say you something? Yes, she replied. I have fallen in love with you at my first sight and I am scared to express my feelings these days. She stood calm for a minute and replied, “Yes Love at First Sight“. I am totally confused and not able to understand what she is saying. Then she started explaining to clear my confusion.

You are my Love at first sight, she said. I was shocked. I remember the first day I have seen you in my 8th standard and following you since that day. Though we were neighbours at childhood, you don’t have any contact with me. But I used to follow you all the days and finally came to know that you joined this college. So it’s my love at first too and I am happy for the same feelings you had.  Now I am really surprised and this is what we call mixed feelings.

Yes, girls do love us.