50 Love quotes you can choose for Whatsapp Status

50 Love Quotes you can choose Whatsapp Status

My heart beat keeps rasing when you are beside me
Because you are the only one of my life…

A day without seeing you
Is the day I miss myself…

A real man cannot see the wet eyes of her woman

Hold my hand forever
You can see us together…

My journey with you is awful
My journey with our baby is blissful

Express the love in actions, Not in the words
Because words may go away but actions will be the best memories.

That smile when I see you come from the depth of my heart…

Blush on my face when I think about you
Smile on my face when I see you.

You are the only thought in my mind, only dream in my sleep.

I am yours!
All rights reserved for you!!

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I can live without you
But not without your memories…

Never leave me looking at others life
Because our love doesn’t match theirs…

Let the truth hurt me
But not the lie to kill me…

It’s your control over love
Not the Gravity that attracts you…

Being together doesn’t create True Love
Instead, creates fake love…

It should be our baby,
the next girl to hold in my hand

I would often like to Cuddle you because it is the only way I can be normal…

It should be you to lift me up after my dad…

My prince can have two girls in life
It’s me and our daughter…

My love is for you, not the money you had…

True love lasts forever even after the death of the other…

True love is sacrificing yours for their happiness…

It’s your story
Always keep it private…

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Love is not spending money
but spending some valuable time.

Memories never fade away
and Love never last

A guy love will be more painful and
A girl love will be more agreeable…

Walking for a while holding your hands make me happier rather than walking alone.

Near or far
You will be always in my thoughts

Don’t ever try to break me
Because it will be the last working day of mine.

The first time I saw you is the time I fell in love with you…

Look into my eyes then you can read my heart..

My love for you is countless,
as it is as larger as Ocean…

Our love would be similar to Titanic
and as true as theirs.

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Let silence not separate us
Because it kills me more…

I just dont like to get into love
But somehow you are mine now and forever.

Wrong conversations turned us Right
Right relationship turned us Wrong…

Tired of trying to hold you
It’s upto you to stay or leave…

It did not start that easily
But ended much easily..

Our fight will never last longer
Because I cant see my heart crying

I would rather look at my mother love than trying to lend yours.

I would like to bow my head
and offer our engagemnet ring to my princess

Its not me who miss you
Its you who miss my love

I can never stop loving my family
whatever the problem I may suffer with…

Shouting is the dad way of love
And caring is the mother way of love
And its all about the way you think..

Parents love is eternal
Brother love is irreplacable

I miss your conversations
I miss your care
I miss your suggestion
But I never miss you dad because you are in my heart forever…

The things you love will be always chosen by others
because you can get only what you deserve.

You left me
and the cyclone hit hard to kill me..

I may be alive
but only with the memories, you left.

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