Believe Me- You will never get what you NEED

Believe Me- You will never get what you NEED

Hey guys,

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I have a question for you. Are you satisfied with what you have?

Most of say ’YES.’

Unfortunately, no one is happy in and out. But they pretend happiness to overcome pain.

Does everyone have problems?

Everyone on the planet has their problems because they never get what’s needed.

When it comes to my story, I never got what I’m looking for.

I always question myself, why I’m not worthy of being happy. Am I the only person leading this kind of life?

Each and everyone has their issue. They may be rich or poor, with no differences in karma servings.

Why do we face issues? Because the things we are expecting to happen are not happening.

For example, you need an iPhone but end up with Vivo.

When you get what you need, you will be the happiest person. But remember that happiness doesn’t last long.

Where does your happiness lie?

Is it in the money that you don’t have or the clothes you wear or bike you drive?

I think real happiness lies within you. If you want to be happy, no one can dull your sparkle. Never give a chance to someone to destroy your happiness.

Remember that you will not get what you need because Karma wants to see suffering. Never look for needs to be accomplished and get worried. Live the life as how it directs you.

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