Best Places to Explore in South India- Travelling Love

Best Places to explore in South India

Why planning for Abroad?, when you have amazing places to explore in South India.

If you want to figure out the best holiday places in South India, you should find a new way of looking at things.  When you wish to explore the places in South India, never look back for someone else. There were a few places in South India that connects deep into your heart to visit again and again. It is not easier for anyone to view all the locations without having an idea of what to see. Would you like to know the best places to Explore in South India? Then here is the best guide for your trip.

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Hope that guide for best places to Explore in South India will not at all disappoint you.

Best places to visit in South India:

Best Places to explore in South India

The season doesn’t matter when you want to visit the best places in South India. Beauty in nature always grabs your attention to have a look at it. Seriously, one can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful locations in South India after looking at the images added here. Though few places over this location give a good feel in a particular season, you can enjoy the beauty at any time.

You may think, how I have gathered these Best Places to visit in South India. When traveling cannot make you sense, experiences can make. Yes, I have posted these locations according to the reviews given by some unknown people who have visited the below list of places.

Best Places to Explore in South India:

1) Coorg


Coorg is also called as Kodagu, located in the hill stations of Karnataka.

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Best Places to explore in South India

For best Misty Landscape locations, I suggest you explore the elegance of Coorg. If you are a nature lover then it gives the best memories to capture. In between the mountains, traveling in the ghat roads, exploring the greenery covered by snow is an amazing experience, right?. You can not only enjoy the beauty but also the products like coffee powder obtained from these lands. This is the reason why I listed Coorg as the first Best place to Explore in South India.

2) Hampi


Hampi is an ancient village located in Karnataka.

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Best Places to explore in South India

We have many other Best Places to Visit in South India but I listed Hampi in the second-order to my collection. Because Hampi is also the best location that one needs to visit in South India to know its ancient history. This place is environed by artistic temples, ancient monuments, treasury buildings, and much more. I think you have come across the word Hampi in earlier days of schooling. Hampi, the second-largest city in the world in 1500 AD and was the capital of the Vijayanagar empire. As Hampi is located on the bank of the Tungabhadra river, it will give you a stunning view. Out of all, you will love Virupaksha temple and few military barracks of Hampi.

3) Kodaikanal


Located in the city of Tamil Nadu between the forested valleys.

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Best Places to explore in South India

This is the most common name which everyone used to converse about when they talk about the best places to explore in South India. Why because, it is the place where you will forget yourself by looking at its beauty. The dream for everyone is to visit the place where nothing is visible except the greenery of hill stations. What if you can picturise waterfalls, lakes, and grassy hills at this location? I think it will be like an eye feast for everyone.

4) Ooty


Ooty, near to Coimbatore, located in Tamil Nadu.

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Best Places to explore in South India

Another name for Ooty is Udhagamandalam which is located in the hill stations of Tamil Nadu. You can explore the two best places in one state and capture them on your device. The zig-zag roads to reach Ooty will surprise and freeze you with memories. It will be the best choice of place for everyone who has much love for mountains. Whenever a gang search for the best places to explore in India, Ooty is the name that repeats often. Each and every spot in Ooty has its own importance and one will surely love the chocolate factory. For honeymoon and couples, this location is most preferred. Stand at the highest point of South India i.e 8,606 feets height of Doddabetta peak will give the best view of Ooty.

5) Munnar


Located in Kerala, surrounded by Tea gardens and lakes.

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Best Places to explore in South India

Sounds like you heard the name somewhere? Yes, we do often call Munnar with Kodaikanal’s name when planning for a holiday location. It is well-known for Atukkad Waterfalls- the real scenery to be experienced. When you get into the greenery, Tea Gardens will spread the original tea powder fragrance. It is also referred to as Western Ghats mountain ranges of Kerala State. High elevation, ghat roads, green gardens, and friends tour will make the best combination.

Final Verdict:

Let me know your list of best places to explore in South India so that I can add your experience too.

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