Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Procedure- season 3(Updated)

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting

Once the Bigg Boss season 3 kickstarts in Telugu, you people can cast votes for your favourite contestants in different ways. It’s your own decision to vote the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 contestants and no one will force to vote any particular participant. To send your votes, you can use three different ways listed here. If you are not able to cast your votes, our team will help you with regards to that. Do check out the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 voting procedure updated here.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Online Voting:

There were many rumours going behind about Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Online procedure stating that votes will be of no use. Stop believing the fake news spread by unknown people regarding Bigg Boss Voting. One cannot cheat up on any platforms because voting is an online process. In order to vote your favourite participate, please make a check on its procedure and the available ways here.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting can be done in three forms, i.e

  1. Google Voting
  2. Missed Call
  3. SMS Voting

Bigg Boss Telugu Google Voting:

This is the best way to vote the contestants if you were a vivid user of mobile phone or laptop or tablet. Any of these devices can be used to cast your valuable votes to the contestants in the Bigg Boss House. Google Voting is sponsored by Google for us people to easily send our votes by following the guide given here.

  • Before opening the voting page, just log in to your Gmail account on your web or mobile browser.
  • Type in the address bar to navigate the Indian version of Google official page.
  • Now type Bigg Boss Telugu Vote in the search bar and tap on the enter button.
  • The list of candidates in the nomination will be available on your device screen.
  • Now tap on the contestants you would like to save from the elimination so that your vote will get registered.
  • Anyone can give 50 points to save the contestants (You can submit vote only after filling the 50 points).
  • So plan accordingly and vote them based on the points given to you.
  • After checking the contestants to vote, tap on the submit button.
  • Using one Gmail account, you can vote once a day.
  • To vote a number of times, make a way using other Gmail login details.

Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Voting:

The missed call voting is another best way to vote for users who are not having a device with an internet connection. All you can do is just give a missed call to save the loving contestants from elimination.

  • Keep a mobile phone ready with a minimum balance to make a call.
  • Here is a unique mobile number for every participant to cast the votes.
  • Using your mobile, give a missed call to the contestant whom you would like to vote.
  • One missed call is equal to one vote only.
  • Check out the list of candidates in the elimination and vote for your favourite contestant now.

Bigg Boss Telugu SMS Voting:

SMS voting is dedicated for people who want to vote the Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants using message feature. Using this procedure, you can vote the contestant with the help of unique code assigned to every participant. However, SMS voting is not in use because it’s an old method of casting votes. Go with the above two procedures so that you will not encounter any issues while sending your vote.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Contestants List

These three ways of Bigg Boss Telugu Voting will help you in saving your favourite contestants from elimination. Remember that the voting process will be open from Monday Midnight to Friday Midnight. These are the tentative timings collected from previous seasons i.e Bigg Boss Telugu 1 and Bigg Boss Telugu 2. However, the Bigg Boss season 3 Voting timings will vary from season to season.these are the tentative timings collected from previous seasons.

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