Touching Broken Heart Quotes for Love failure

Touching Broken Heart Quotes for Love failure

Is that my Love failure or Life failure? Umm, that’s the pain of a broken heart roaring inside for missing someone special. One who went … Read more

Love quotes 2019 for whatsapp status

Best Love quotes 2019 for life, lovers, husband, and wife

Looking for Best Love Quotes?

Then there is the best collection for you.

It’s quite common for everyone to step back when you would like to express your love. Words cannot deliver your feelings because fear stands in the race. I think you have been searching for the best quotes to express your love? Right?. Then you can stop your search here with our gatherings of Love quotes 2019. Choose the best love quotes for him, love quotes for her, love quotes for husband, and love quotes for your wife here.

Inspiring Love Quotes to say ‘I Love You’:

It is not easy to say how much you love someone in words. You might be thinking, Umm should I be a poet? Chill, you need not be a poet or any storyteller. I have listed few Inspiring Love Quotes to put your words in a single sentence. Let your love understand the love you have on him/ her using these Inspiring love quotes.

I can’t look into your eyes
Because I can’t take my eyes out of you.

Love quotes for lover, husband, life


Love doesn’t lie in care
But also lies in anger.

love quotes for lover, husband, wife


My love for you will always keep on increasing.

love quotes for lover, husband, wife


My day without seeing you
Will be the worst day of my life

love quotes for lover, husband, wife


Sacrificing you for your happiness is my way of showing love.

love quotes for lover, life, husband, wife


My love for you doesn’t have an END
Even if you leave me
I Love You forever.

love quotes for lover, wife, husband


I just came to know what love is after seeing you.
And I Love You!

love quotes 2019 for lover, husband, wife


I listen to your favourite song all day
Because it makes me feel like your voice.

love quotes 2019 for lover, husband, wife

I am crazy about you
I can’t take the rest of my life with anyone else.

Love Quotes 2019 for lover, wife, husband

Love is what happens to everyone at some stage
Now it hit me hard at first sight.


Romantic quotes for him/ her:

Love is something that makes you feel like you are never alone. I know, how I would behave when you are around me. In my dreams, I always hug you, kiss you, cuddle in your hands, and hope it would happen for real. These are the best romantic love quotes that you can dedicate for your loving ones.

When I look deep into your eyes
There is some magic that attracts me.


Sometimes you call it madness
But I call it Love.


I just want to hug you
So that you can understand how much I Love You.


When I am in your hands
I feel so safe.


I always care for you
That’s the only thing I can say you.


I could travel the whole day
Just to see you for an hour.


Don’t get jealous
I choose you over everyone.


It’s you I want to choose to be on my side every day and night.


You may not be with me
But you are with me in my thoughts.


Today is what I have ever expected
Tomorrow is what we want to make together.

Deep Love quotes to express your feelings:

1) The worst thing about love is expressing.
You fear to express and never dare to forget.

2) I may not text you always but I will never leave you anytime.

3) I next girl I want to hold in my hands is our daughter.

4) I can’t hold your hand but my heart holds your love forever.

5) I am the one who cannot dare to leave you because you hold my breath.

6) I never thought you will be my crime partner for a lifetime.

7) The day might pass on as usual but not the same as your presence.

Best Inspirational Quotes 2019

8) As coin has two shades
We have two
Either I am yours
or You are Mine

9) I may get down
but I will never let you

10) I am all yours
will you be mine forever

11) Love me
Love me again
But never leave your footsteps on my heart

12) To love is your choice
To be loved is their interest

13) A second without your thought will be the last breath of mine

14) I want you to be with me all the time
because I can’t live without my heart

15) There is no one for me who can take care as you do

16) When everyone smiles with lips
I smile with eyes on seeing you

Love Quotes for your husband to make him feel happy

17) I just want my death to get earlier than you
so that I will never live without you…

18) I just don’t have an interest in getting ready
Because I want you to look beautiful…

19) Missing you is what I cant think…
Loving you is what I can make

20) I may not be the reason behind your smile
But I never want to be the reason for your cry

21) One day we could round the world with our kids and share the moments we spent in past.

22) As love towards my mother is genuine
Love towards you will be genuine.

23) I love to act like a child at you
Because you are my next hero after my dad.

24) It would be difficult and amazing to be in a relationship
Only the one who can balance will get true love.

Positive Quotes 2019

25) The bond of love which is between us will stay forever and ever…

26) It’s hard to spend a minute without thinking about you
But its time to be

27) Love or hate but never try to play with my feelings…

28) My heart will beat faster when I see you staring at me secretly…

29) Hold on
I need you today, tomorrow and forever
because I love you

30) It’s you who makes my senses out with your love, hug and kiss.
And I love you forever…

31) Make a habit to love yourself
Then everything will fall into sequence…

32) Risk your life for one loves you
Not for the one who needs you

33) Alone you can achieve big
Together we can achieve even more

34) Love is not a word saying
It’s my heart feeling

35) I will sacrifice you for yourself
But I cannot sacrifice me for anyone else…


Hope you got the best collection of Love Quotes 2019 for life, lovers, husband, and wife from the above. Feel free to ask any questions using the comment box provided below.

Motivational quotes 2019 that can change your mind

Motivation is what someone needs at some stages of life. It may be love failure or any other reason behind but motivating others can help them to come back to their world faster. If past sucks then kick it with the Motivational Quotes 2019 that can change your mind. Set your mind to become free from issues that hurt you the most and enjoy the present. It is you who can change yourself but not others. Copy your favourite motivational quotes 2019 from the list given below and change your mood as soon as possible.

Past is your Last Pain
Future will be your first Happiness…

Don’t stop at the Obstacle
Create new paths instead…

Bring out yourself
Because it’s you who can do…

Depression kills you more
Just get out of it to enjoy the new world…

Challenges test your capacity
Face them with creative ideas…

Don’t get down for losing
build the ways to get it back…

Maturity is
When you understand a mother love, not girlfriend love…

Things got easily will never last longer
than the things achieved by Struggles…

Inspirational Quotes 2019 you need to check

Let others Criticize you
Because it makes them much happy…

Begin Now
It’s never too late for new things…

Hate yourself for choosing wrong
Not other for losing you…

Let heart accepts things
Then mind will learn it faster…

Let your dreams get into reality
Not the past into your future…

Put it into practice
Until someone recognizes you…

Never look at things from your perspective
Because they differ from person to person…

Accept the failure
It is the only way to success…

Keep efforts on your work
Until you stop introducing yourself…

Opportunities always knock your door
It’s you who need to unlock…

River turns its path at rocks
Similarly turn your path at obstacles to get success…

Life teaches something new at every stage
Don’t miss any lesson…

People always give up on things
Because Success always takes time…

It’s weird to face the things alone
Because no one joins you here…

Stay Calm
Let the evidence prove the truth…

Sleep and Wakeup
Dream and Chase…

Yesterday you are unknown
Today you are known to few
Tomorrow you will be recognized…

Dreams and Goals vary each other
Where dream is a list and goals is a target…

Never take the help of lift to get success
Take the help from stair case…

Don’t make someone to understand your pain
Because they will make fun of you…

Reveal beauty from your heart
Not anger from your mind…

God shaped your life before your birth
Just keep on moving…