Friendship Quotes to dedicate for a Friend

Friendship Quotes

Friendship Quotes: We have many people surround by but only best friends will stay with us like a magnet. Every time when I say about friendship, I say it is the best relationship that never fades away. When it comes to every individual, I can surely say that they will share anything or everything with friends but not family members. You know why? because they can give you hope, strength, and the courage to face the future. From the day you start making friends to the day you make a best friend is much crucial. We eliminate and add many people to our life but that one friend will never get replaced by anyone else.

Friendship Quotes

Do you know why I always search for friendship quotes? Because the words that I cannot speak can be easily delivered in this way. Though he/ she means so much to you, somethings stops hard while trying to let them know. Are you the one having the same kind of feeling? Then dedicate these amazing Happy Friendship day quotes and friendship quotes to your friend.

I am not single
I am committed in a long relationship called friendship with you.

Friendship quotes

Yesterday you were a stranger
Today you were my Best Friend
Forver you will be my Family member

Friendship Quotes

Only you can hear my inner voice
And stand on my side in all emotions
Love your dear dosth

Friendship quotes

I’m not your school buddy
I’m not your college buddy
I’m not your family buddy
But you are my best buddy

Friendship quotes

You are such an idiot who cheat upon me
But want to make me much happier


Yes, I blocked you
Not in Anger
But in Love


I always wait for your reply
and have a doubt whether you might be think the same


You are such a kind of crazy person who makes me fool
and makes me surprised at the same moment


I can say Yes or No at any situations
Becuase I know you will understand me


I drop the phone call at first
Because I don’t want to make you cry

Happy Friendship Day Quotes

You might be so far from me
But I always wait for the day to recall those memories together


I know it was your mistake
But my happiness lies in your happinesss


I always try to be serious at you
But when I look at your monkey face, I keep on smiling


Hold on,
I’m not going to let you leave alone


Those colourful selfies in our college days
Makes me feel like missing my best friend


You know why I surround you always?
Because I am your shadow


Being in love gives me love and care
But being in Friendship gives me soulmate


It’s not a sacrifice
It’s my happiness in seeing you happy


I might have disturbed you
But I never want to distract from you


From the day you became my friend
To the day I leave this world
I treat you as my best friend forever

Check out these friendship day quotes and wish them Happy Friendship day to your beloved friends.


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