Happiness Quotes- Inspiring happiness quotes

Happiness Quotes- Inspiring happiness quotes

Being happy is what everybody wants but one cannot be happy all the days. If you wish to be happy then don’t lay down thinking the pain that kills you. Some people use creams to cover their pain but the truth can never be hidden always.

To have some peace, to get real happiness, you should be able to control your own emotions. Looking things with fear pushes you to pain but give a try with courage and daring. Then you can enjoy the real happiness out of all tensions. These Happiness quotes and Inspiring Happiness quotes listed here will change your mindset easily.

Happiness Quotes:

“True Happiness is making someone Happy”

“One cannot stay happy with power
Because happiness doesn’t exist in it”

“The freedom of making mistakes give ultimate joy
Than that of stopping it!”

“Hold on, don’t rush for happiness
It actually depends on your mindset”

“This moment cannot be recreated
Learn to be happy by recalling the moments”

Sometimes the real Happiness lies in sharing your feelings with your loved ones.

“Being sad will never alter the situation
Moving on shows the new way to happiness”

“One can wear the best makeup
And we call it Happiness”

“You don’t need to explain your pain
If they really care, they will understand”

“Only true friend can find the sadness behind your smile
and happiness behind your tears”

“Live with what you have
Happiness will be your matter of being”

“You may try to hold the happiness
But your fate holds sadness too”

“Never depend on┬ásomeone all days
They may kick you for their happiness”

“When you can spread love to other
You will get back the same”

“Being selfish kills your happiness
Because no one will be around you at the end”

“Karma has already prepared a menu
You cannot change it”

Inspiring Happiness Quotes:

“Don’t kill your today for yesterday”

“Your life must be an inspiration to others
Not lesson to yourself”

“Happiness doesn’t come from money
It comes from people you care”

“Your past always pulls you back
Give a slipper shot by showing your happiness”

“Nothing will be possible
unless your desire for it”

“Never compare yourself with others
It means you are insulting yourself”

“You may come across obstacles
Stepping stones always leads to success”

“Doing what you feel right gives happiness
Doing what others feel right gives double happiness”

“Sometimes uneven roads to success
So don’t step back when something is uneven”

“Today it may be impossible
You have 364 days to do miracles”

“You may fail 100 times
But there comes one day to shout at your success”

“There will be a zone where nothing grows
And we call it COMFORT ZONE”

Hope you have gathered the favourite quotes from the above list of Happiness quotes- Inspiring Quotes.

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