How to react to your Boyfriend in some situations?

How to react to your boyfriend in some situations

Once or twice, we encounter various critical situations with boyfriend. Sometimes it ends up with a casual discussion and in other times, you may have to break up. Instead of losing your relationship, here are some relevant circumstances that might help you to get out of them. Know “How to react to your Boyfriend in some situations?” as mentioned below.

Situation 1:

From the very first day to today, these two are best friends who used to share everything and anything. They used to talk on phones, chat every hour and never missed meeting a single day. Then one fine day boy suddenly stopped talking to the girl and she got worried. Here is an emotional conversation between that boy and the girl.

Girl: She texted, “What happened? Where are you?”.

Boy: Not replied.

Girl: She is getting tensed and thought to contact him through someone else.

Boy: Saw her messages and made a call to her the next day.

Girl: Hey, where are you? What happened to you yesterday?

Boy: I am really sorry, I am a little busy in some work the day before.

Girl: Is everything fine?

Boy: Yes, everything is fine.

Girl: I’m really worried about you, please don’t do this again.

Boy: Don’t you want to ask about that important work?

Girl: Yes, I want to. But if it is a matter to be discussed then you will surely share with me.

Boy: Thank you, my dear sweetheart, for your understanding and caring.

Sometimes the one you care for might be busy in urgent works and may not be able to contact you. Don’t assume situations on your own and break the relationship.

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Situation 2:

She saw him moving with another girl closely which was never expected one from him. She suffered in silence but never discussed with him about her pain. It was unbearable for her but she doesn’t want to make him feel for that. Unless he reveals it, she did not want to discuss it.

Girl: I miss spending time with you.

Boy: I am little busy in doing my business works.

Girl: Are you getting tired of your work?

Boy: Yes, really.

Girl: That’s ok.

Boy: I need to say something important.

Girl: Tell me, dear.

Boy: These days I am busy looking after a girl for her health expenses because she has no one to take care of.

Girl: That’s a really good ob baby.

Boy: I am not able to spend time with you due to these works. Once I get free, I will make time.

Girl: Ok dear. Not a problem. Take care of her.

The conversation ended peacefully just because she waited for the moment. If she has questioned or mistaken him for moving with a girl, he might have felt for that. It may make her feel but once she got to know the reason, she is the happiest person now.

Hope these stories helped you to get closer to your boyfriend and do send us your experiences so that it would be helpful for others.

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