Most Common Reasons behind Love Failures Today

Reasons behind Love Failures

Love is the beautiful feeling that one will experience in his/ her life. It cannot be expressed by anyone easily if you truly don’t want to miss them. But the bitter truth is, most of the relationships these days fail just because of the following reasons.

Reasons Behind Love Failures

One-sided love or confused love

You may love her, even if she knows that there will be no communication between you both. But the day when you reveal it to her, she might reject due to lack of time constraints she has or some other reasons. The Confused love is another state where you are not sure about it but the other person is truly dying for you. Here the love failure happens again.

Forced love:

Without having the interest to love him/ her, the other gender or people around them influence more. Even if you don’t want to get into it, time and your thinking play the role. However, it will finally result in breakup only.

Parents opposition:

You don’t realise at the beginning that your parents do not agree with your relationship. Assuming that you can make your parents accept the relationship, you keep on moving together. But the thing is most of the parents opposite their children’s love just because they want to give you a better life than the one you choose. In the case you can’t convince them, your love will surely fail.

No Proper Understanding

At the beginning of your love, everything seems to be perfect because it is the first stage of love. Even though you don’t know each other perfectly, you people get much closer. He/ she may hide many things from you just to get into a relationship. But one fine day these will be the claims you make and finally cause love failure. Understanding each other will never make you worry about the issues happening between you.

Other reasons for Love Failures happening today


Ego is the most common reason for Love Failures in these days. People assume that Ego is more important than their relationship. To keep your love relationship healthy, one needs to compromise at a certain point of time. They may repeat it even if you compromise but one day it will make them feel guilty for troubling you.


Jealousness is what everyone will have in required amounts but people in the relationship has this in high quantity. If he/ she finds their lover moving closely with the opposite gender, jealousies start. Sometimes these end up with casual discussions or small fights but in other cases ends with a breakup. Finally, love failures occur due to jealousness too.

Fake story:

To pass their time with the opposite gender, they name this relationship as love. While the other person takes it seriously and sacrifices everything for him/ her. When it comes to an end as after enjoying, they leave. This is the major reason today for love failures happening in and around.

Money Minded:

When one loves seriously, others take it for granted to just grab money from them. They make you suffer in pain finally and leave you alone.

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